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Mindo Cloud Forest

Volunteers in Mindo Cloud Forest will be living in the worlds number one hot spot for birdwatching. Volunteers will be working with the community on tourism projects and acting as a translator for bird watching tours and at times helping with the conservation of the environment. Mindo is a little bit more like a touristy vacation than other programs so dont expect as much sweat and dirt but do expect to have a great time in one of the most beautiful spots in Ecuador.

Expected Tasks While Volunteering:
– Guiding /translating for tourists
– Help with Bird Watching Tours and Conservation Projects

Why This is Important:
The community has realised that the reason tourists come to Mindo Cloud Forest is because of its pristine forests and large array of birds and animals which means they have to conserve the forest and its wildlife at all costs. Community Tourism projects help guarantee a source of money that does not come from the deforestation and extraction of natural resources from the cloud forest which is one of the only regions left in Ecuador that has not already been destroyed.
The Volunteer Perfect for this Program:
– Speaks little or no Spanish at all but still wishes to Volunteer
– Passionate about the conservation of Birds and Bird Watching

Price per Person:
– $400 USD per month
– $350 USD three weeks
– $300 USD two weeks
– $250 USD one week

Price Includes:
– Pick up at the airport and transfer to Quito bus Terminal
– Training and Support
– A Work Recommendation Letter

Volunteers also receive discounts on Mountain Climbing and Trekking Expeditions.

Minimum Time Volunteering:
– 2 weeks minimum
(Maximum 4 Volunteers at a Time)

Volunteers will be volunteering between Monday to Friday with weekends free for leisure time or travel around Ecuador. You will have to take your own food to prepare meals in the kitchen facilities provided. Check out other travellers volunteer reviews.

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Have any questions or want to reserve your space? Use the contact form below or email us at: ecuadorecovolunteer@gmail.com