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Waorani Community Amazon

The Waorani, translated as “humans” are  a Amazonian nationality in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Living a simple life and harmoniously with the jungle is currently put to threat while their ancestral lands are unfortunately in great danger due to oil production, settlers, and logging.  The Waoroni are known for their expert hunting skills as well of their extensive knowledge of plants, animals and medicinal plants in the jungle. Volunteers will be living with the community of  Tiguino, which  is located 2 hours from the main city of Coca.

A Typical Day While Volunteering:
The volunteer experience with the Waoroni is focused on a cultural exchange where they live with the community in a tent inside a traditional amazon bungalow, built by the Waoroni. A kitchen and bathroom for volunteers will be available. A nearby Waoroni community with a school is an additional place  where volunteers can contribute their work.

The Volunteer Perfect for this Program:
– Self motivated, and wants to help in as many things as possible: like fishing, building, teaching English, agriculture, and more
– Candidates should be excited to partake in a simple lifestyle with everyday activities like gathering food, making handicrafts, and working with natural medicine.
– Speaks at least an advanced level of Spanish
– Able to be completely immersed in a vastly different culture with little contact to the outside world
– Passionate and patient to teach and learn in the community
– Able to adapt to living the community lifestyle

Price per Person:
– $485 USD per month
– $435 USD three weeks
– $360 USD two weeks
– $285 USD one week

Price Includes:
– Airport pickup and first nights accommodation in Quito
– Transfer to orientation in Riobamba / home stay
– Training and Support
– Work Reference / Volunteer Certificate
– Accommodation at your volunteer placement
– A Work Recommendation Letter
– Contribution to the community

Price does not include:
Food and Water. (Volunteers can buy food to cook at the local market before arrival)
*Volunteers also receive discounts on Mountain Climbing and Trekking Expeditions.

Volunteers also receive discounts on Mountain Climbing and Trekking in the Ecuadorian Andes.

Minimum Time Spent Volunteering:
2 Weeks Minimum
(Maximum 4 Volunteers at a Time)

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