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Wildlife Rescue Center

The Wildlife Rescue Center for wild animals project started in the beginning of 2015 on the Ecuadorian coast close to Portoviejo in the province of Manabi. It’s located in a half humid forest, in a countryside community.
Created by a Colombian biologist Viviana Gonzalez, a french animal keeper Franck Poirier, a veterinary specialized in wildlife Carlos Solorzano and an engineer in agronomy Vanessa Salazar, the center receives wild animals caught by the police and the environment ministry as pets or caught in the trafficant hands. Some others are found hurt in the wild.
The center works with few species of monkeys, parrots, wild cats, reptils and more.
The main objective is to release the animals back to the wild when it’s possible.
Twice a year the center makes a trip in Amazon to transfer to others centers of this area amazonian animals who has been trafficated on the coast of the country.
Since the beginning, the center released a group of 8 hawler monkeys on his land, some birds, parrots and others animals (squirrels, armadillos,…) and wild cats in protected areas.
It’s not a touristic place, the center only receive volunteers who want to help, and scientists who want to investigate about wildlife.
The volunteer program consists by:
The preparation and distribution of the food to the animals;
Observation of different species during the rehabilitation process;
Cleaning cages and technical areas, landscaping;
Fruit picking;
And others activities depending the needs on the moment.

Review from a volunteer of the center: “The Center is a very special place, amazing animals, and dedicated people. I volunteered for about 3 weeks It’s such a vast and natural location to rehabilitate and release the animals into their safe and natural environment, as well a safe and comfortable place for the others that can’t be released, so they can lead a healthy and happy life. It was such an incredible experience for me to be amongst animals such as, birds, cats, primates, nocturnal creatures, deer and so much more. The days consist of prepping and feeding the animals at different times of the day. Repairs of any facilities or shelters that house the animals, and assisting with any veterinarian, medical, or rehabilitation tasks with the local staff. Watching and studying the habits of some of the animals, and with many laughs and smiles as the animals interact with each other. Some of the most rewarding tasks were when one get to witness the release of an animal back into the wild. Amazing! The local staff and students who I have had the privilege to work with, have many different backgrounds such as, Veterinarians, Biologists, students in training, Environment and as well as a deep passion for animals. It was very pleasing and reassuring to see so many passionate and dedicated in the welfare of animals. It was an honour to meet, work and learn from them. I am excited to go back and see the new facility and work with all those dedicated people and amazing animals that teach us so much. It truly is a special place.” Shawn Hall
The Volunteer Perfect for this Program:
– People who are passionate about conservation;
– People who care about animals;
– Biologists, veterinaries, sustainable development, agriculture, wildlife students, professors.
Price :
– $600 USD per month
– $475 USD three weeks
– $350 USD two weeks
Price Includes:
– Accommodation  during your volunteering;
– 3 meals/day included at the center;
– Laundry;
– Training and Support;
– Contribution to the Foundation;
– A Work Recommendation Letter.
Volunteers also receive discounts on Mountain Climbing and Trekking Expeditions.
Minimum Time Spent Volunteering:
– 2 Weeks Minimum
(Maximum 4 Volunteers at a Time)
Volunteers will be volunteering between Monday to Friday with weekends free for leisure time or
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