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Yasuni Volunteer Program

The Kichwa community is an indigenous community that lives in the Amazon rainforest right on the boarder of Yasuni National Park. The National Park is a protected area for conservation and reforestation. In fact, Yasuni is considered, by scientists, as the most biodverse place on earth. However, many oil companies have managed to implement themselves in the rainforest. This community is fighting against it and developing community tourism to revive their culture and allow responsible tourists to visit their territory and volunteers to help them in their daily life. They have been struggling to keep their culture alive due to the expansion if petroleum industries, lands taking away from them and modernisation. As a volunteer, you’ll get the unique opportunity to leave and experience the life of an indigenous community in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The focus of the Yasuni Volunteer Program will be to learn from and work alongside local people, assist with the preservation of a traditional culture, and help with day-to-day tasks in the community. You not only get to learn about Kichwa culture, past and present, but are also able to experience the local community through volunteering, living in a traditional, rural village.

Projects that volunteers can help with:
– Reforestation projects
– Agriculture & Permaculture Projects
– Helping with the community tourism projects
– Teaching English
– Teaching environmental awareness
– Guide the tourists through the community and raise awareness
– Community tourism project

As a volunteer, you’ll be able to assist the community with their ambitious project of community tourism. The purpose of this project is to open the eyes of tourists and show them the real side of the Amazon and to educate them on the importance of preserving the rainforest. The community is aiming at reviving their culture, by receiving tourists, they are proud to show how they live and the importance of keeping their culture alive.

Reforestation & Permaculture project
The area where the community is based has been heavily deforestated due to unsustainable practises. The leader of the project has been working on a reforestation project that is growing. Volunteers are of a great help to achieve that goal.
Alongside the project, volunteers will get the opportunity to learn a lot about natural plants and medicine as their forest is their hospital. We’re currently developing a permaculture garden project. They would love the help of people having experience in that field.

Teaching English & Environmental Awareness
In Ecuador, it is expensive to study a foreign language. Through the Teaching English project, we wish to support the community in developing the population’s accessibility to educational and employment opportunities. Volunteers can plan interactive activities for the children in order to learn English. Activities may be focused on emphasizing pronunciation, conversation, reading, and writing through games and songs. A basic level of Spanish language skills are recommended for this project. As volunteers work with the support of EEV team and the community, they do not need to be qualified or experienced teachers to participate. Of course if you have particular skills such as dancing, painting, singing, Yoga, acting is always an advantage. With the children you can teach them about environmental awareness and explain the importance of preserving their heritage, create interactive activities and teach them about recycling.

Price per Person:
– $485 USD per month
– $435 USD three weeks
– $360 USD two weeks
– $285 USD one week

Price Includes:
– Pick up at the airport and transfer to Quito bus Terminal
– Support goes directly into the local Ecuadorian communities allowing them to develop their projects
– Transportation from the city of Coca to the Volunteer Program
– 24/7 emergency contact and support from EEV staff, administration costs, communication costs with volunteers and travel costs for program inspection
– Volunteers also receive our exclusive EEV Orientation pack before arrival, providing you with all the information you need before coming to Ecuador (think: do’s and don’ts, what to bring, what to do in Ecuador and health and safety tips)

– Accommodation during your volunteering placement
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided daily as part of your accommodation. However, you can bring your own food for the first days as the food of the community is very different from what you probably know
– Support from the Volunteer Coordinator & Manager
– Certificate from EEV once your volunteering period has been completed and a recommendation letter (you just need send us an email to ask for it).

Volunteers also receive discounts on Mountain Climbing and Trekking in the Ecuadorian Andes.