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Ecudador Eco Volunteer ® is a Social Organization that has run volunteer work programs in Ecuador since 2007. It was founded by Wladimir Ortiz. When the organisation started the vast majority of volunteer work programs in South America cost thousands of dollars per month and were lead by European and US NGO. Ecuador Eco Volunteer had different values and vision and thus took a different path.

We decided to create this organization to make a direct link between the local communities, local projects and international volunteers interested in genuine volunteer work. This allows those local communities and projects (that mostly have no presence on the internet because of their remote situation) to receive people that help them. It has allowed the communities to benefit from the unique skills and hard work of the volunteers from around the globe. And at the same time, it has given the volunteers some of the best experiences of their lives.

We offer opportunities to help all around Ecuador and our volunteers can freely choose their programs based on location as well as their areas of interest. The categories of projects all around Ecuador are environment and conservation, community development, teaching English, construction and renovation and wildlife and animal care. The aim of this organization is to help local communities in Ecuador by providing them volunteers and contribution to their program.

“Some travel to see the difference, Others travel to make the difference”

Our Team

Jake Kerouac

Kayla Vandervort
National Manager and Volunteer Coordinator

Wladimir Ortiz
Founder of Ecuador Eco Volunteer


  • Had the time of my life with Ecuador Eco Volunteer back in 2011! We did the 9-week program, going to 3 different locations (jungle, islands, mountains) and each one was amazingly unique and we had a blast throughout. Wlady is a great host and was very friendly and informative and I wish I could go back and do it again! Darn you real world 🙂 Thanks for everything you do Wlady, Ecuador is beautiful!!
    Elias Kushner
    Volunteer Adventure Package
  • I spent 9 weeks volunteering with this group - at Chimborazo with alpacas, a fishing village, and also in the jungle at an animal rescue centre. I truely enjoyed my time volunteering here: doing an assortment of different things, meeting wonderful people, seeing another side of Ecuador, and gaining a new perspective on life and travel. I will treasure these experiences for the rest of life. Thank you so very much Ecuador Eco Volunteer ! Keep up the great work !!!
    Jacqui Heidy
    Alpaca Ranch and Amazon Animal Rescue Center
  • Volunteering in the Shiwiar community of Juyuintza (along the Rio Cunambo very close to the Peruvian border) I do not think you will ever regret going to this community. It is a fascinating experience. The Shiwiar people are very friendly and welcoming. They are getting used to outsiders and most of them have been in Puyo once or many times.
    Eli Pivnick
  • I enjoy traveling best when I am most involved with the communities that I am visiting. Ecuador Eco Volunteer provided a great opportunity for this and I felt very fortunate to have met him and his family and friends.  Really they went above and beyond for me in terms of hospitality. It was such a welcoming experience, especially traveling on my own, I felt as if I had a family there.  I have vounteered in the past, where I wasn’t sure what I was doing was really helping out the community but I really felt I got to see, first hand how the community was benefitting. I volunteered at the Andes Alpaca Ranch near Chimborazo, teaching English to a wonderful group of children and I will always cherish the memories I had there among many other things. If you have any questions for me feel free to get my email through Wlady and I would be more than happy to go into further detail about this awesome experience.
    Alpaca Ranch


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