Shiwiar Amazon Tribe

This very special volunteer work program is located on the territory of a Shiwiar Amazon Tribe in an extremely remote region of Ecuador’s Amazon that is only accessible by small chartered flight.
Because of the regions remoteness it has not yet been exploited by the oil, wood, and mining companies that have devastated the rest of Ecuador’s Amazon and the community wants to keep it that way by developing ecotourism in the area.

Why This Volunteer Work Project is Important

This Shiwiar Amazon Tribe has rejected attempts by oil companies to destroy its land and instead wants to develop ecotourism there, and receive visitors in exchange for an alternative economic income.

The Volunteer Perfect for this Program

– Speaks intermediate Spanish
– Is able to be completely immersed in a vastly different culture with little contact to the outside world
– Is eager to learn about Organic Farming and get their hands dirty
– has good physical endurance

Typical Day Volunteering

You will be welcomed into the Shiwiar Amazon Tribe and be expected to help out with everyday tasks in the community that may include organic farming, construction, help in developing the ecotourism program and teaching English and maybe even hunting and gathering in the forest. This untouched area of the Amazon is still incredibly rich in biodiversity which is sustained because the Shiwiar Tribe lives in harmony with nature and leaves a very small footprint.

Volunteer Tasks

– Reforestation projects;
– Agriculture & Permaculture Projects;
– Helping with the community tourism projects;
– Teaching English;
– Teaching environmental awareness;
– Guide the tourists through the community and raise awareness

Volunteer Expectations

-Volunteers will be volunteering between Monday to Friday with weekends free for leisure time or travel around Ecuador.
-Apt to simple living
-Able to be self sufficient
-Volunteers must bring their own food to the community. There will be a kitchen provided on site.


– $485 USD per month
– $435 USD three weeks
– $350 USD two weeks
– $285 USD one week

Price Includes

* Day 1: Airport pickup and first nights accommodation in Quito
* Day 2: Transfer to orientation in Riobamba / home stay
* Training and Support
* Work Reference / Volunteer Certificate
* Contribution to the community
* Volunteers also receive discounts on Mountain Climbing and Trekking Expeditions.

Price Does Not Include

– Flight to the location, you do receive assistance on logistics and arrangements for your flight.

Minimum Time Spent Volunteering

– 2 week minimum
(Maximum 4 Volunteers at a Time)

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