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Sarah (USA) Andes Alpaca Ranch Volunteer Work

I enjoy traveling best when I am most involved with the communities that I am visiting. Ecuador Eco Volunteer provided a great opportunity for this and I felt very fortunate to have met him and his family and friends. Really they went above and beyond for me in terms of hospitality. It was such a

Volunteer at Shiwiar community of Juyuintza

My impressions and suggestions about volunteering in the Shiwiar community of Juyuintza (along the Rio Cunambo very close to the Peruvian border. – Eli Pivnick Feb-March 2013 Experience. I do not think you will ever regret going to this community. It is a fascinating experience. The Shiwiar people are very friendly and welcoming. They are

Caroline (UK) – Animal Rescue Center

I spent 2 months volunteering at the Animal Rescue Center in Ecuadors Amazon rainforest and had the most amazing time there. Its hard to put into words how magical the place is. When i first arrived i was picked up in Puyo by the owner named Merdardo, who was very friendly and chatty and it

Finn from the Netherlands’ review on Animal Rescue Center

It is, indeed, a challenge to write a unique entry about the time I had. I struggle to think about what to write, without repeating previous entry’s by saying,’ I did [this], and I loved it’. That, of course, is not a bad thing. Seeing that everyone did something and ‘loved it’ just goes to

Cedric (CH) – Nizag Community

I spent a weekend in the beautiful Community of Nizag, as we do all the time to have feedbacks from volunteers and check if all is all right when our programs host volunteers, and it was fantastic. Nizag is really a beautiful community, with beautiful people who kept their traditional language “kichwa” as first language,

Rachel (USA) – Nizag Community

On my first day of volunteering at the indigenous community of Nizag, I shucked corn while sitting on the side of the mountain, rode a donkey, and learned about the different crops in the Nariz del Diablo valley. I returned to the Casa de Turismo after spending a full day with Margarita—tired, dusty and excited

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