Volunteer in the Amazon

Ecuador has the highest rate of deforestation in South America which is why we need volunteers like you to help us on these Amazon conservation programs. Choose the best project for you in our Volunteer Work Ecuador Amazon page. You can help in a Animal Rescue Center and in the Sachawasi Quichua Tribe near Puyo. You can live the best experience of a Tribe deep in the Rainforest at the Border with Peru with the Shiwiar or near the Yasuni National Park with the Waoranis tribe.

Discover the Amazon

Animal rescue center fun
Volunteers will be working inside the best Animal sanctuary that provides a safe place for free animals from being, and where they can survive off their own native plants.
4 weeks / 3 weeks / 2 weeks / 1 week

Sachawasi Amazon Community

USD 465 / per person
The Sachawasi Amazon Community are an Amazonian community that consists of 42 kind-hearted and hospitable members, 23 of which are talkative and playful children. Recently they have opened their land and their hearts to volunteers and tourism.
4 weeks / 3 weeks / 2 weeks / 1 week

Shiwiar Community

USD 465 / per person
This very special volunteer work program is located on the territory of a Shiwiar Amazon Tribe in an extremely remote region of Ecuador's Amazon that is only accessible by small chartered flight. Because of the regions remoteness it has not yet been exploited by the oil, wood, and mining companies that have devastated the rest of Ecuador's Amazon and the community wants to keep it that way by developing ecotourism in the area.
4 weeks / 3 weeks / 2 weeks

Waorani Amazon Experience

USD 465 / per person
The Waoroni live deep in the Amazonian jungle, and are one of the last contacted tribes in Ecuador. Protecting their territory from petroleum companies and maintaining a sustainable and harmonious lifestyle in the jungle is what they are fighting for.
4 weeks / 3 weeks / 2 weeks

Yasuni Kichwa Community

USD 485 / per person
The Kichwa community is an indigenous community that lives in the Amazon rainforest right on the border of Yasuni National Park. The National Park is a protected area for conservation and reforestation. In fact, Yasuni is considered, by scientists, as the most biodiverse place on earth. However, many oil companies have managed to implement themselves in the rainforest.
Min 2 weeks
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