Reforesation in the Amazon

Volunteers will be working hard to make their imprint in reforestation efforts to recuperate bio-diversity of flora, fauna and animals in the province of Pastaza in Ecuador.

Reforesation in the Amazon

per person


Reforesation in the AmazonThe Protected Forest Sanctuary runs one of the most successful breeding and rehabilitation programs in Latin America for endangered wildlife that were displaced due to deforestation. The sanctuary has been successful in completing their goal of rescuing rare and exciting animals from the cruel billion dollar black market and animal trade.  Now the rescued animals are free to live safely without fear of poachers and bulldozers on the 53 hectare of pristine rainforest on the Protected Animal Sanctuary.

Typical Day Volunteering

Volunteers will be working inside the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest helping maintain the  sanctuaries environment for animals that live in the property like monkeys, as well as other endangered animals like rare and exotic birds, snakes, alligators, and frogs. Volunteers will be highly active in reforestation efforts, which is important for providing the animals with the native food they need. The surrounding territory in the Amazon has been deforested after generations of logging, cattle ranching, and now the cultivation of sugar cane. The sanctuary also works closely to the local community educating about caring for the environment, and capacitating locals in the fight against oil companies that are interested in their lands.

Volunteer Tasks

  • Creating and maintaining ecological pathways for animals to roam freely inside the sanctuary
  • Register animal species that are in the sanctuary
  • Study native plant species that attract animals to the sanctuary
  • Work in the recycled greenhouse, where native plants and trees are being grown to continue reforestationeaching children in local school the
  • Teaching children the importance of environmental awareness

*Please take lots of photos of insects to increase the Animal Rescue Centers database research catalogue.

All of our volunteers are also eligible to discounts in our Ecuador Adventure Tours – ask our manager about special deals you can have while you volunteer.

Volunteer Expectations

  • Is passionate about the environment and community relations.
  • Has a positive and open mind
  • Able to live in rustic conditions
  • Able to be self sufficient and open to communicate
  • Able to cook their own food
    • Kitchen provided
    • Volunteers must bring their own food


  • Volunteers arrival on Monday morning in Puyo
  • Zanja Arajuno directors Medardo and Lucero will meet volunteers in Puyo to bring them to the community
  • Work Monday to Friday (weekends are free to travel)


  • Rustic living space
  • Electricity
  • Shared accomodation
  • Running water
Volunteer Contribution

The volunteer contribution helps host the volunteer in the community and goes directly towards materials needed for project activities.

Volunteers, students, or researchers looking to stay more 3 months or more are considered long-term volunteers and will only have to pay the 1-month collaboration


1 Week $235

2 Weeks $350

3 Weeks $450

4 Weeks $600

Volunteer placement deposit

A $100 deposit will be made to EEV in advance so we can confirm your volunteer placement.


  • 24/7 emergency contact and support from EEV staff, administration costs, communication costs with volunteers, and travel costs for program inspection
  •  Work Reference / Volunteer Certificate
  • Meals during the stay.
  • up to 2 nights accommodation in our Andean eco-lodge Chimborazo basecamp

Price Does Not Include

  • Transportation to Puyo


For any questions or interest in volunteerig, please fill out the contact form with your information!

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