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  • An awesome hidden gem in the ripoff world of volunteer service. Low cost and cost effective with most funds going to the need rather than bloated overhead and advertising. Very safe, my twin girls 16 at the time did the herding of alpacas and together we toured the Amazon. Highly recommend
    Gerald Finan
    Alpaca Ranch
  • I spent 9 weeks volunteering with this group - at Chimborazo with alpacas, a fishing village, and also in the jungle at an animal rescue centre. I truely enjoyed my time volunteering here: doing an assortment of different things, meeting wonderful people, seeing another side of Ecuador, and gaining a new perspective on life and travel. I will treasure these experiences for the rest of life. Thank you so very much Ecuador Eco Volunteer ! Keep up the great work !!!
    Jacqui Heidy
    Alpaca Ranch and Amazon Animal Rescue Center
  • Volunteering in the Shiwiar community of Juyuintza (along the Rio Cunambo very close to the Peruvian border) I do not think you will ever regret going to this community. It is a fascinating experience. The Shiwiar people are very friendly and welcoming. They are getting used to outsiders and most of them have been in Puyo once or many times.
    Eli Pivnick


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