Ecuador Eco Volunteer

Around the time this organization was founded the vast majority of volunteer work programs in Ecuador and South America cost thousands of dollars per month.

This was a time when most of the money volunteers paid did not go to the communities or conservation projects running the volunteer programs–it went to giant tourism companies that had a stranglehold over the volunteer work industry in its infancy.

The vision for this organization however was to create a social enterprise that is sustainable, transparent and uses low-cost volunteer work as a vehicle for change.

It worked.

The Volunteer Work Programs on this site are primarily in remote and rural areas that have limited Internet access.  We work with them and organize logistics so they can receive volunteers and benefit from socially responsible tourism. Volunteers that join up through this website get traveler support as soon as they touch down at Quito airport.

We also split certain volunteer programs onto the ECUADORECOVOLUNTEER.ORG version of this site that operate independently of us but that we recommend for more independent travelers that speak proficient Spanish to contact directly.


Quito Airport Pickup

Our team will be waiting at Quito airport for your flight to arrive to take you comfortably to your hotel


Truly International

After running conservation and volunteer programs for over 10 years we have received clients from around the world.


Andes to the Amazon

Our conservation and volunteer programs are located across Ecuador's various landscapes


Fast Booking

Talk to Kayla to book your place with Ecuador Eco Volunteer today

The Early Years

Humble Beginnings

The aim of this organization is to advocate for communities in Ecuador and share with them the benefits of socially responsible tourism. The volunteer programs we run are focused on the environment, conservation, and community development in predominately rural areas.

Our Team

Kayla Vandervort

National Manager

National Manager and Volunteer Coordinator Lover of conservation, indigenous rights, and sustainable living, Kayla has spent a lot of her own time throughout South America volunteering in communities in Patagonia, the Andes, the coast, and the Amazon. With much enthusiasm, she is very excited to work with assisting volunteers and communities with their projects here in Ecuador.

Kari and David Salazar

Quito Managers

Kari and David welcome our EEV volunteers as they arrive in Quito! They are your go to resource for getting to know the historic city.

Wlady Ortiz

Founder of EEV

Wlady Ortiz is a certified National Guide who was born and bred in Ecuador but spent some of his formative years in high-school in Auckland, New Zealand. His passion for nature, the environment, and sharing his knowledge of his beautiful country with visitors from around the world led him to founder Ecuador Eco Adventure - which uses environmentally and socially responsible tourism to provide fair and competitive working opportunities to rural and indigenous communities.

Jake Ling

Co-Founder & Tech Guy

Jake Ling is an Aussie from Sydney, who loves exploring off-the-beaten-track trails with other backpackers. Jake and Wlady co-created Ecuador Eco Adventure and Ecuador Eco Volunteer in 2006

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