Ecuador is a small but diverse country! Our volunteers love to travel around Ecuador on the weekends on their time off, and have the great opportunity to discover the coast, andes, and amazon regions! Ecuador Eco Volunteer has been able to coordinate with Ecuador Eco Adventure to provide discounted tours to our volunteers!

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Chimborazo Day Trip

It has 20,548 feet of breath-taking elevation and its position on the equatorial bulge actually makes it the closest point on Earth to the Moon.
USD 65
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Galapagos Island Hopping

The Galapagos Islands were declared as the heritage of humanity by the UN, around 40 years ago, and is a one of a kind place in the planet where 98% of its territory is a protected area, where species have evolved for millions of years to become endemic and unique to its habitats.
USD 2500 USD 1705
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Yasuni Amazon Adventure

This Open Tour into the Amazon Rainforest takes you to a pristine area of the Yasuní National Park — a region which has the highest concentration of floral and faunal species anywhere in the world, located at the confluence between the Indillama river and the Napo River, a major tributary of the mighty río Amazonas.
USD 650 USD 575
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