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USD 465 / per person

If you have a passion for the arts then you can really make a difference by volunteering on our Teaching English & Arts – Puerto Lopez Volunteer Program. By spending time on a performing arts project, you can impart your knowledge about the art form you specialize in while learning about local traditions in Ecuador.

USD 465 / per person

Isla Corazon is a community ecotourism and conservation project whose aim is to protect and preserve the fragile mangrove ecosystems on the island. The island is home to many species of mangroves, and its unique ecosystem and was declared an important Wildlife Refuge by the Ministry of Environment in 2002. This project aims to use…

USD 465 / per person

The Ecuadorian people of Mascarilla Afro Community are a proud and enterprising people that use ceramic art and cultural events to enrich and strengthen their community. The community is made up of the descendants of African slaves who have embraced their dark history with the strength that gave the town its namesake: mas-carrilla which means…

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USD 465 / per person

Volunteers will be living with an indigenous Cañarí Tribe called Nizag Community who are made up of direct descendants of the Incas. This community is nestled in the Andes in a valley called Nizag next to the “Nariz del Diablo” or Nose of the Devil canyon made famous by the Devils Nose Train. Nizag is…

USD 250 / per person

In Santa Cruz, Volunteers will be staying in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Galápagos Island. Volunteer work will involve teaching English to students and the local community who work in the tourist industry. Volunteers will be helping to contribute to empowering the locals who want to use English as a communication tool with foreigners.

Volunteer in Isabela Island new
USD 300 / per person

The island Isabela on the Galápagos Islands is the largest island amongst all islands. It inhabits 6 shield volcanoes and holds an abundance of natural diversity to explore.

USD 585 / per person

Volunteers will be living in Cloud Forest Santa Lucia which is surrounded by dense cloud forest with a community that has developed a sustainable way of living off the land. The Cloud Forest is one of Ecuador’s most important ecosystems and is home to the Spectacle Bear and an amazing array of bird life.