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Want to assist a Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center at the Coast? The Center is located at the Ecuadorian coast close to Portoviejo in the province of Manabi. It’s located in a half humid forest, in a countryside community. They receive wild animals caught by the police and ministry as pets. They work on rehabilitating them back to the wild. Or you want to volunteer and teach arts and English in Puerto Lopez and help children develop skills. Be volunteer in a Fisherman Tribe in the Pacific Coast of Ecuador. They live in the Town Puerto Portobelo near San Vicente Bahia de Caraquez. They have a beautiful project to conserve the Mangroves of Chone River where they fish because the live from fishing. In the last decade a lot of Shrimps Farms developed in Manabi Province and they are destroying the original environment of it. Do Volunteer Work Coast Ecuador to be involved in this important project to protect the fragile Coastline of Ecuador and conserve our beautiful coast.