Andes Alpaca Ranch

Volunteers will be living in an indigenous community that own an Andes Alpaca Ranchon the border of Chimborazo National Park below the 6,310 metres (20,565 ft) extinct volcano Chimborazo. This is the perfect program for people who want to escape from civilization to the mountains but it is extremely cold at night and kind of cold in the day so make sure you pack the appropriate clothes and bring a few books for downtime.

On the foothills of Taita Chimborazo

Why This Volunteer Work Project is Important

By helping these Indigenous Villages rise out of poverty and become more self sufficient we will be reducing the ‘rural exodus’ of poor farm workers into dangerous slums with high unemployment in the big cities like Quito and Guayaquil. It also helps the community create a more environmentally sustainable way of living by encouraging conservation and reducing the reliance on exploiting the natural resources in the environment for money.

The Volunteer Perfect for this Program

– Speaks a basic or intermediate level of Spanish and wishes to rapidly improve.
– Is eager to learn about Organic Farming in harsh climates
– Is an avid trekker, camper, or photographer
– Is interested in mountain climbing and needs to acclimatize to high altitudes to increase his or her success in reaching the summit of Mt. Chimborazo or Cotopaxi.

A Typical Day Volunteering

Volunteers will be working with the community on day to day activities like tending to the alpacas and community work. Clothing suitable for very cold weather is necessary for working outside with the residents while organic farming and looking after the alpacas. We recommend bringing a warm sweater and a rain jacket. Cheap rain boots can be bought in Riobamba for rainy days.

The huts and houses in the community are heavily insulated and volunteers can warm up around the wood fire ovens while cooking their food at night. On some lucky days, the visibility will be clear enough to see Ecuador’s highest mountain, Volcán Chimborazo,as the village is literary engulfed in the clouds and other days you will be working in the shadow.

Volunteer Tasks

-Alpaca ranching on the foothills of Chimborazo
-Assist with community mingas (community projects)
-Organic Farming
-Trail maintenance
-Intercultural Exchange

Volunteer Expectations:

-Volunteers will be volunteering between Monday to Friday with weekends free for leisure time or travel around Ecuador.
-Apt to simple living
-Able to be self sufficient
-Volunteers are responsible to bring their own food to prepare meals in the kitchen facilities provided


$485 USD per month
$435 USD three weeks
$360 USD two weeks
$285 USD one week

Price Includes:

* Day 1: Airport pickup and first nights accommodation in Quito
* Day 2: Transfer to orientation in Riobamba / home stay
* Transport to Andes Alpaca Ranch from Riobamba Bus Terminal
* Homestay in the Volunteer hut
* Training and Support
* Work Reference / Volunteer Certificate
* Contribution to the community

Volunteers also receive discounts on Mountain Climbing and Trekking Expeditions.

Minimum Time Spent Volunteering

– 1 week minimum
(Maximum 4 Volunteers at a Time)

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