Shiwiar Amazon Community

This very special volunteer work program is located on the territory of a Shiwiar Amazon Tribe in an extremely remote region of Ecuador's Amazon that is only accessible by small chartered flight. Because of the regions remoteness it has not yet been exploited by the oil, wood, and mining companies that have devastated the rest of Ecuador's Amazon and the community wants to keep it that way by developing ecotourism in the area.

Shiwiar Amazon Community

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Shiwiar Amazon Community

Juyuintza is a Shiwiar community located in the low altitude amazon in the deep interior 

Juyuintza is a special community of 50 members who live harmoniously with the Amazon. They live deep in the Amazon, where they live harmoniously with nature. This community has succeded decades of protecting their land from petroleum extraction, and continues to protect to this day. Juyuintza is located in one of the most bio-diverse areas of the Ecuadorian Amazon, protecting 200 hectares of virgin forest.


The community of Juyuintza strives to become a sustainable community focusing on conservation, the indigenous economy, and the development of its well-being.

Volunteer activities

All volunteer activities can be organized and planned before the volunteer arrives. It is important to communicate with the volunteer coordinator ahead if time to coordinate materials needed to carry out volunteer activities.

Flora and Fuana Project
In the community of Juyuintza, they hold some one the worlds highest bio-diverstiy in the Amazon. This initiative looks to protect and conserve the biodiversity in the community.
  • Collection of native seeds to be stored in a community seed bank
  • Maintence of specialzed gardens (agriculture, artisan seeds, medicinal plants)
  • Identify and register flora, fauna and animals
  • Tag and label all species of plants and trees located on the ecological routes
  • Maintain ecological pathways where visitors learn about plants, animals and trees.
Cultural Center
The cultural center is aimed to safeguard ancestral and living Shiwiar culture through creative expressions.
  • Collection of dictionaries in Shiwiar, Spanish, English and other languages
  • Exhibition of the registery of floral, fauna and animals
  • Collection of books for visitors and the community
  • Collection of inspiring conservation and culture documentaries
  • Gallery of photos and art of the Shiwiar culture
  • Create guestbook with registration of volunteers and visitors
Volunteer workshops
Volunteers and experts are invited to give the following workshops to the  community (must be prepared in Spanish). Juyuintza is 1 hr away by plane from the city of Puyo, where education is more limited. The workshops will help the commuity to create their own projects and initiatives for the future. All the workshops must be prepared in a physical (non-digital manner due to lack of projector and computer).
  • English for guides and students
  • Scientific research (teach the community How to make your own scientific research)
  • Storytelling (through journalism and/or photography)
  • Human rights (territory, health, environment)
  • Health
  • Eco tourism / Hospitality
  • Art (music, painting, theater, etc.)
Volunteer cultural exchange
Shiwiar Amazon Community Volunteers, students and researchers will participate in a cultural exchange in which they will learn about living Shiwiar culture and how they used to live their ancestors. This is a very important intiative for the community to guarantee the protection and safeguard of Shiwiar culture. All visitors are welcome to document through photos, videos, documentaries, etc., to celebrate and maintain the Shiwiar Cultural Heritage.

All of our volunteers are also eligible to discounts in our Ecuador Adventure Tours – ask our manager about special deals you can have while you volunteer.

Volunteer Expectations

  • Is passionate about the environment and community relations.
  • Has a positive and open mind
  • Able to live in rustic conditions (No electricity)
  • Able to be self sufficient and open to communicate
  • Able to cook their own food over a fire (volunteers must bring their own food)


  • Volunteers arrive in the town of Shell to depart by plane to the community
  • Juyuintza director Francisco will meet volunteers in Shell to bring them to the community
  • Work Monday to Friday (weekends are free to travel)


  • Rustic living space (tents are welcome)
  • Electricity (solar power)
  • Bathing in the river
  • Comunal kitchen for cooking over a fire
Volunteer Contribution

The volunteer contribution helps hosting the volunteer in the community and goes directly towards materials needed for project activities.

Volunteers, students or researchers looking to stay more 3 months or more are considered long term volunteers and will only have to pay the 1 month collaboration

$265 USD per month

$210 USD three weeks

$150 USD two weeks

Volunteer placement deposit

A $200 deposit will be made to EEV in advanced so we can confirm your volunteer placement.


  • 24/7 emergency contact and support from EEV staff, administration costs, communication costs with volunteers and travel costs for program inspection
  • Airport pickup and first nights accommodation in Quito
  • Orientation in Quito
  •  Work Reference / Volunteer Certificate

Price Does Not Include

  • Meals, however food is relatively cheap to buy in the local market in Sucua
  • Flight to the community from Shell
    • Price: $190 Round Trip
    • Airline: TAME
    • EEV Volunteer Coordinator will assist with the purchase of the ticket


For any questions or interest in volunteerig, please fill out the contact form with your information!

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