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Animal Rescue Center “Los Jaguares”

Animal Rescue Center “Los Jaguares”

Animal Rescue Center "Los Jaguares"This is an animal sanctuary located in Macas, Morona-Santiago province, in Ecuador. This rescue center was created by Enrique, a former veterinarian. The purpose of the center is to save wild animals, such as jaguars, pumas or margays. Those animals live in the Amazonian forest and are often hunted because they could be dangerous. The locals and the indigenous communities that live in the forest are afraid that those animals could attack them – the animals won’t do it unless they are attacked first. Some wild animals are also hunted for their fur, or to be sold as pets in Asia or the Middle East.


The center also rescues smaller animals, such as monkeys or coatis, whose meat is very much appreciated by local populations. 

For administrative reasons, the rescue center had to change its name to be known as a zoological. However, the aim of the center is still the same. When visitors come to this small zoological, Enrique and Agustín, who work together, explain to them why it is important to save those animals. Some of the species are (or could soon be) threatened by extinction.


Animal Rescue Center

Saving and rescuing them is a way to stop this extinction from happening. Too much hunting also disrupts the natural food chain and the balance that is supposed to exist in the rainforest. Hunting wild animals is like destroying the Amazonian forest. This forest is a lung for the Earth, and therefore for us humans. It is important to preserve and save it from destruction. 

The work done at the rescue center is important, even vital. It is not just saving animals, it is also saving the Amazonia and teaching the local populations about the importance of taking care of the environment. Volunteers are needed at the center to help with all these tasks.


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